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Back to School Organizing Tips for Students

Use these strategies to start the year off on the right foot.

Organize Your Homework
Purchase an academic calendar with room to write notes in it.
(if you must use technology to schedule and organize your homework, use google calendar, or the iStudiez Pro App, which which is an easy way to keep track of your schedule, homework, and grades!
Take a look at all your assignments and make a list of what’s due each week.
Prioritize the list by arranging by due date.
Look at your assignments and figure out how long it will take to accomplish each task. For example, writing approximately how long takes to do math homework could be listed as 30 minutes ,1 hour etc.

Organize Your Backpack
Carry only the textbooks and folders for the classes you have on a given day. This will help protect your back, too!
Carry the following in a separate compartment: two black and blue ink pens, two pencils with erasers, a highlighter, a stack of blank index cards, and a mini pencil sharpener.
Always keep your assignment notebook near the top of your bag for easy access.

Store School Papers at Home
Make folders for each subject to store school papers.
At the end of each week, transfer graded school papers from your backpack to the appropriate home folder.
Keep your folders in special drawer away from other home clutter
Hang your A + papers on the fridge for all to see! It will give you that motivation to keep getting A’s.

Organize Your Desk
Remove all clutter from your desk.
Add the essentials that you will need each day (pens and pencils, lined paper, laptop) .
Group similar things together. Pencils/pens, post-it notes, and your stapler go in one area, while homework and projects goes in another area.
Keep a garbage can nearby to get rid of things.

Recommended School Supplies
Assignment notebook with room to write notes in
Pencils and Pens (blue and black ink)
Paper Clips
Lined Paper and index cards
Tape and scissors (for school projects)
Mini Dictionary (students typically aren’t allowed to use their cellphones during the school day)

Back to School Organizing Tips for Students

What was your biggest takeaway from these back to school tips? Do you have any questions for Alexis Avila?

Post your comments below:

SAT Prep

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January 18th, 2016
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Gary R. (Toronto, CA)

“We are not from the USA and my boys were applying to Prep Schools and had never written a Standardized Test. We started the process very late and then found out that the boys had to write SSAT’s. The boys wrote the test in Nov and did very poorly. We were referred to Alexis. He spent several days with the boys over the course of a week. He gave them a lot of homework which they did. The boys were on Christmas holidays, but worked diligently as they respected and very much liked Alexis. They wrote the test again just after the holidays and did very well. I would definitely recommend Alexis. He understands kids and works very well with them, and obviously knows what he’s doing as reflected in the incredible improvement in my boys SSAT scores.”

April 20th, 2011
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Sheira M. (Needham, MA)

“We have hired Alexis on multiple occasions this year with excellent results! He worked with our 13 year old daughter who needed help with focus and organizing homework. Our son is in his junior year of high school and the SAT prep work that Alexis did with him was fantastic. We plan to have him work with Ben for round 2 of SATs and his college essay. I can’t say enough positive things about Alexis and his team – if you have kids in need of a great coach, he’s your guy!”

April 20th, 2011
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Three Ways to Get an A

Alexis Avila Founder/President of Prepped & Polished discusses three ways to get an A in school.

Tip 1: Pay attention in class and take notes.
Tip 2: Learn to love to do your homework.
Tip 3: Earn your teacher’s respect.


Transcript (PDF)

Full Word-for-Word Transcription

Hey everyone, Alexis here, Prepped and Polished. Now, students come to me
with Bs, Cs, and even Ds and don’t really know how to take their grades to
the next level. Here are three ways to get an A.Tip one is to pay attention during class. You want to take notes during
class and if you need to refresh your note-taking skills, I suggest taking
a summer note-taking course. Now do you have to jot down everything the
teacher says during class? No, you don’t. Just come up with an outline, one
that you can refer to later.

Tip two is do your homework. Not only to improve your homework grade but
also to better prepare yourself for tests and quizzes. And if you really
want to get an A, learn to love to do your homework. Now you do this by
setting up incentives for yourself for completing your homework. So get
yourself a snack if you finished your math homework on time or go to a
movie on Friday if you got everything done on Thursday. And if you’re a
slower learner, you’re going to have to put in more time to get an A on
your homework. For example if you have two chapters to read in your US
History book, you’re going to have to re-read those chapters and take notes
if you’re a slow processor.

Tip three is get on your teacher’s good side. Now I’m not saying put a
fresh red apple on your teacher’s desk each and every day. That could hurt
your grade. What I’m saying is try to earn your teacher’s respect. You do
this by coming prepared to class and participating in class. Now do you
come prepared to class? By doing your homework. Doing your homework, you’ll
come armed with questions, your teacher will appreciate that you’re

And also go to your teacher’s office hours from time to time. You’re
teacher will appreciate that you’re showing initiative. Don’t be a negative
distraction during class, have a positive, enthusiastic attitude and I
ensure you that your teacher will reward you with the best grade you have
received so far. So good luck on your grades and I’ll talk to you soon.

Which of these three tips do you find most important for getting A’s in school? What are some other ways to get an A?

Post your tips/comments below.

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September 14th, 2010
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