Learning Disabilities (Prepped LD Tutoring)


Your tutoring for our child was absolutely critical to his completing the year. You have the perfect temperament and tone for dealing with a 17 year old, disinterested teen. Thanks for all your help, patience and positive reinforcement.” – Jim L. (Weston, MA)

Our one-to-one tutoring approach is smart tutoring because we incorporate your specific learning-based needs into each session.

Our Prepped LD tutoring method aims to increase students’ motivation and confidence, and overcome academic or social obstacles that can hinder academic potential. Our tutoring is designed to help your student complete and turn in quality assignments, and better prepare for quizzes and tests. Your child will learn skill sets and strategies for organization, time-management, task completion, and self-monitoring

We teach kids how to study for exams. Check out our video tutorial on How to Study for an Exam:

Our tutors are educators with backgrounds in education, counseling, and psychology. We understand students well and know what makes them “tick”. We always work with you one-to-one and offer honest, non-judgmental guidance throughout the coaching process.

A lot of the tutoring that we do for students with LD is organization tutoring. Here is Prepped & Polished founder Alexis Avila live on NBC talking back to school organizing tips for students!