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Your executive function coaching with our child was absolutely critical to his completing the year. You have the perfect temperament and tone for dealing with a 17 year old, disinterested teen. Thanks for all your help, patience and positive reinforcement.” – Jim L. (Weston, MA)

Whether you feel overwhelmed by school, want to get ahead of the curve, or need the edge to get into the school of your dreams, our executive function and study success coaches are here to help. Sometimes students need guidance that falls outside the lines drawn by traditional academic subject areas. These important areas can include organizational skills, study techniques, homework help, vocabulary building, writing and language skills, interview preparation, time management, and more.


Our 6th grade daughter struggles with executive function and organizational skills. Alexis and I engaged in a lengthy detailed discussion of my daughter’s strengths and challenges, and he reviewed data I provided with extreme care and understanding of what our goals were as a family. In short, I wanted to enable my daughter to be more in charge of her homework planning and execution, which required a strategy that spoke to time management skills.

Alexis found a terrific tutor match for us. Allison has been instrumental in teaching our daughter time management skills in a way that speaks to her, and has taught her habits that work for her. It has been a blessing to have P&P in our corner and we look forward to a long-standing relationship with Alexis and Allison.

If your child is struggling with organization and time management, now is the time to teach them to get a handle on it, and P&P is the source to help you get there. Judi M. (Medford, MA)


Our Study Success coaching aims to increase students’ motivation and confidence, and overcome academic or social obstacles that can hinder their potential. Our Executive Function Coaching is designed to help your student complete and turn in quality assignments, and better prepare for quizzes and tests. Your child will learn skill sets and strategies for organization, time-management, task completion, and self-monitoring Our coaches are educators with backgrounds in counseling and psychology. We understand students well and know what makes them “tick”. Our Study Success and Executive Function Coaching is custom designed to always provide one-on-one academic assistance. We offer honest, nonjudgmental guidance throughout the coaching process.


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Along with our partners at Beyond Booksmart, we present to families and professionals all over the world about learning strategies for executive function and other specific learning profiles. Click the image below and contact us to hear us speak at your next meeting!

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