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The SAT is changing Spring of 2016.

  • The total composite score is changing from a total of 2400 to a total of 1600. You will get one reading/writing score (out of 800 points), and one math score (out of 800 points). If you decide to take the optional essay section, then you get an essay section score (10 to 40 points)
  • There will no longer be a guessing penalty on the exam.
  • You will only have 4 answer choices per multiple-choice question.
  • The new SAT will have 5 sections: 1 Reading section, 1 Writing/Language section, 2 Math sections, 1 Essay Section (only if you decide to take the optional essay section)

Click here for a super helpful INFOGRAPHIC comparing the New SAT vs. The ACT 

The New SAT, What Will It Look Like?

How the New SAT compares to the ACT:

8 Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers) About the New SAT

New SAT Writing Tutoring Tips:

New SAT Essay Tutoring Tips:

The New PSAT rolls out October 2015. The most significant change, from the student’s perspective, is that the length of the test is increasing by more than 25% to 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Here is an apples to apples comparison b/w the PSAT 2014 vs the PSAT 2015:
PSAT 2015 vs PSAT 2014

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