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I can’t thank you enough. Our daughter came home with a new attitude towards the SAT’s last night and felt the 2 hours she spent with you topped all of the other tutoring she had had thus far. All of a sudden her confidence is through the roof. Thank you! (Corinne F. Wellesley, MA) 

Our one-on one-custom designed SAT programs are rigorous, thorough, and tailor-fit to meet the individual student’s needs. We first get a baseline score, then design a plan of attack to ensure the student is continuously working on problem areas, learning key strategies, and doing drills, exercises, and homework assignments to ensure content mastery. Each student gets custom designed homework assignments consisting of practice test sections, relevant practice drills, and vocabulary. After each session, the parent will get a detailed session report. Will my SAT tutor be any good? Yes, your tutor will be the experienced, patient, and extremely meticulous; Prepped & Polished tutors are all that way!

Our small group classes provide a more affordable option while still providing students with content, test taking strategies, pacing, drills, and homework assignments. We first focus on math, critical reading, and writing foundations, then shift to test taking strategies for all components of the test. If you only need a tune-up, you can jump in at any time. Our classes run September-May, on Tuesdays or Thursdays, 6-8pm EST.

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Is your student a 10th or 11th grader getting ready for the PSAT? Our PSAT sessions are custom designed to fit the individual students needs. Our PSAT goal is simply to get your student confident going into the PSAT. We teach strategies, do drills and practice sets together, and assign detailed homework assignments in between sessions.

– SAT Subject Tests

Since 1999 we’ve prepped students for their SAT Subject Tests. The subject tests each are one hour long and you can take up to three of them in one sitting. Do you need a lot of tutoring in preparation for your subject tests? Probably not as many sessions needed as your SAT program. But if you score low initially and need to learn a lot of the content found on your subject test, then in order to get you Prepped & Polished, then we’ll need to crank up the session frequency!

– Math Level 1C and 2C SAT Subject Tests

Math Level 1 or Math Level 2, how to decide

– Biology, Chemistry, and Physics SAT Subject Tests

How to Get an 800 on the SAT Chemistry Exam, Tips! 

– US and World History SAT Subject Tests
SAT US History Tips

– Literature SAT Subject Tests

– Spanish, French, Latin, Chinese SAT Subject Tests

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Simulated Proctored SAT and ACT Practice Testing

– The ACT-SAT Hybrid Test Prep Selector:

Our three hour diagnostic will determine your best test. Our comprehensive report gives you a detailed analysis of your performance on both the SAT and ACT portions of the test.

For getting this far, we’ve attached some free SAT materials to get you Prepped & Polished!

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13 SAT Tips You Can NOT Live Without

SAT Practice Sets (Great Vocabulary and Grammar Practice!)

19 SAT Sentence Completion No Problems
14 SAT Sentence Improvement No Problems


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