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I want to thank you for the tremendous support you provided to our son as he prepared for the ACT this spring. He was motivated to work with the tutor based on his belief in her approach and the positive experience he had in the practice tests. As you know our son performed solidly the first time he took it but he was even more pleased with the second taking of the test when his composite score went up 2 points. (Focusing on his strengths and addressing his weaker areas meant his high scores on both science and reading helped offsite the lower score on math which as it was, came up 3 points from the first time.) Sue K. (Newton, MA)

The focus of our ACT tutoring is to get you ready for test day. We first look at your baseline score, (if you don’t have a baseline then we’ll give you a practice test) , then we determine the best plan for YOU from now until test day. You and your experienced Prepped & Polished tutor will go over your previous homework assignment, then work on test content (trig, science, grammar, reading, essay), pacing strategies, test taking strategies, and relevant exercises and drills. All parents get a detailed session report at the end of each session. When you’re student goes into the ACT knowing how to answer each question confidently, then we’ve done our job.

The ACT Essay prompt is changing Fall 2015. Watch our 5 minute video delineating the ACT changes come Fall 2015.

We had an outstanding experience with Prepped & Polished, our tutor (Jon) was just terrific. He not only prepared our daughter exceptionally well for the ACT but he also helped to reduce her anxiety and set her expectations about the entire testing experience. They weren’t least expensive alternative, but well worth the investment, especially given that our daughter was just admitted to her first-choice school (Boston College). I will most definitely use Prepped & Polished again when my younger daughter is ready for the college admissions process.


Our video on some general changes to the ACT

Our video showing some of the main differences bw the ACT and the SAT


Our son got a 34 on the ACT. Great training from the master!” Gary Rubinoff, Boston, MA

Simulated Proctored Testing available for ACT

– ACT or SAT? Take our ACT-SAT Hybrid Test Prep Selector:

Our three hour diagnostic will determine your best test. Our comprehensive report gives you a detailed analysis of your performance on both the SAT and ACT portions of the test.


ACT Essay Vip Access includes:
1. Full Version of the Enhanced ACT Writing Test Video + Accompanying PDF Slides
2. Scoring and Evaluation of your ACT Essay
3. Combo of 1 and 2

ACT Essay VIP Access