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Our son was well prepared for the format and type of questions he would encounter, learned some important test-taking strategies, and gained measurable self-confidence before the big day. I was most impressed that, while his tutor kept me in the loop, he scheduled sessions directly with our son.
– Diane C. (West Roxbury, MA)


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From the ISEE, SSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE and everything in between, our one-one test prep programs focus on the strengthening the student’s math, critical reading, grammar, and writing foundations while simultaneously introducing and reinforcing test-taking strategies and concepts. Additionally, we provide each student with a specialized test-prep homework plan and regularly track their progress on assignments, ensuring that the student is making continuous progress.

Test Anxiety Relief

Other facets of our program that help our students succeed include:

-A complete review of the skills needed to excel on all sections of the chosen exam

-Techniques to answers quickly when limited by time

-Approaches to answering questions accurately even when you have partial knowledge about the subject matter

-Techniques to find the meaning of words from context clues

-Strategies to write impressive essays regardless of topic

-Ways to maintain confidence and composure throughout the exam

At Prepped & Polished we take a TEAM approach to tutoring and test preparation. Our Team Prepped approach ensures that students are kept on track and parents kept in the loop.