Mindset Ace

Students with Test Anxiety, listen up!

Offered by Mindset Go!, Mindset Ace is a fantastic program to help students better handle their test taking anxiety. We believe that students should do their best to tackle tests from two sides—the test prep approach and the actual test-taking side. Both are necessary in order to master an exam, so we recommend a student works with coaches that specialize in both areas.

Mindset Ace helps students develop actionable strategies to manage test anxiety, maintain focus, and accept emotions as they come without overreacting.

Our coaching process includes:

Personalized Assessment, Fear-Defining, Improvement Plan, Emotional Skill Development, Post-Performance Review

What You’ll Learn:

Simple, effective, self-calming practices that you can use immediately
Specific physical, mental, and emotional routines to reduce pressure and mitigate stress both before and during high-intensity situations
Visualization techniques used by high-performing professionals around the world
For Prepped & Polished students only Mindset Ace is $500 (typically $600) and covers three sessions and initial consult.

Additional sessions depends on:

  • the extent of anxiety you experience: is it limited to testing, or does it affect other areas of your life? (such as worries about relationships, job, etc.)
  • the effectiveness of your study habits and organization
  • how much of the training you apply and how much you practice

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