Homework Hub

Are missing assignments, last-minute projects, and low test scores a recurring problem?

Come to THE HOMEWORK HUB – 21 Eliot Street, South Natick, MA

• The HOMEWORK HUB is an after-school program that offers a safe, well-structured, distraction-free environment for students to work on homework.
• Experienced Prepped and Polished instructor to answer questions on subject matter.
• Program offered to students in grades 6-8.
• Snacks provided.

• 21 Eliot Street, South Natick – Prepped and Polished office (yellow building-1st building on left when enter driveway).

• Meets daily Monday-Thursday (3:00-5:00).
o 3:00-3:30 – Drop off, get organized, warm-up activities.
o 3:30-5:00 – Supervised study time in a calm environment to complete homework.

• The HOMEWORK HUB is a great way for students to get some homework completed before they come home from school.
• The HOMEWORK HUB provides an after-school solution and a path to success for students in a safe, distraction-free, positive, and supportive environment.
• We admit up to 6 students per day.
• The HOMEWORK HUB builds independence, instills confidence, and fosters time-management skills.

• Supervised by an experienced Prepped and Polished instructor.

To reserve your spot:
1. You need to register with Prepped and Polished.
2. Contact Prepped and Polished – hw@preppedandpolished.com
3. Please register as much in advance as possible. Notify us of number of sessions needed (single session, daily, ongoing, etc.).
4. No walk-ins. If sign up is less than 24 hrs. in advance, admission is subject to availability (space).
5. Fee is $50 per session.