Three Ways to Learn

“Everything about your consulting services is first-rate, right down to the follow-up letter and request for feedback. Please accept our grateful appreciation for the important work you do.”
– Diane C. (West Roxbury, MA)

1. At Home
We regularly make “house-calls” simply, we travel to meet with you in the comfort of your home, or any guardian-approved location for in-person Tutoring and Test Preparation sessions.

online Tutoring and Test Preparation

2. In-Office (Boston Area)
Students can visit the Prepped & Polished South Natick, Masachusetts office and classrooms for customized in-person Tutoring and Test Preparation sessions.

3. Prepped Online ℠
Our Prepped Online, “face-to-face” consultations provide you with the customized learning experience you need to achieve success. In a matter of minutes you will be up up and running with our state-of-the-art, exclusive virtual tutoring platform. You and your educator will be able to see, hear and collaborate seamlessly.

View our online tutoring demo below.

I highly recommend Alexis and his company, Prepped & Polished (P&P), including for students who live many states away from P&P’s headquarters. Our son, a college senior, lives in Virginia. He is in the process of applying to graduate school in English. He is very busy with school and his job so commuting to a fixed location for a GRE-prep course was a daunting thought. I consulted with Alexis, who assured me that P&P could work with our son online using skype and P&P’s internet-based tutorial software. Alexis also identified a tutor that he thought would work well with our son both in terms of her educational background and personality. Alexis was right! Our son worked great with his tutor, Colleen, in preparing to take both the general and subject-specific GRE. They are able to schedule tutorial sessions at different times and days of the week to suit our son’s schoolwork demands and schedule. Colleen is also working with our son on the application process. Thanks Alexis and Colleen!
– Kim M. (Charlottsville, VA)