Teaching Methodologies

For the first time in her homework career. Jenna started bringing work and questions to the table to discuss with her study success coach. Whether she was just developmentally more ready to buckle down or it was her tutor’s sensitivity to her, it was under his tutelage that she started to blossom. Jean E. (Cambridge, MA)

Process and Connection is your secret sauce. Sue K. (Newton, MA)

During our educational consulting sessions, we teach and engage our students -always in an interactive and positive manner. During our initial meeting, we interview the new student in order to build rapport, evaluate overall proficiencies, and identify his or her academic needs. We then work with the student, in-person or online, to establish a relationships that allows him or her to focus, absorb material better, and receive the individualized attention sorely lacking in most classrooms.

study success coach

Outside of these sessions, we spend additional time with each student to plan and prepare customized lesson plans. Throughout the process, we keep an open line of communication with parents, teachers and guidance counselors to implement action plans based on the student’s report cards, progress updates, and psychological evaluations. Overall, we find it essential to see the forest through the trees – and make sure that each student receives an individualized road-map to guide his or her academic success.