Prepped Online SM Tutoring

“We are New Yorkers (home in Manhattan) but due to my husband’s work have been living in Asia for almost 5 years (Singapore and Tokyo). From my perspective, the fact that we’ve been able to work out the sessions via Skype half-way around the world is testament to the competency of the tutors and the flexibility of the overall management of Prepped and Polished. They truly want what is best for each student to reach their best potential. To be able to have access to top notch tutors and people like yourself is like having a little bit of home with us here in Singapore” (Jo S., Singapore)

By working and reworking our Prepped Online proprietary system over the years, our online “face-to-face” consultations are just as effective as in person sessions. Students don’t need to stress out about driving through thick traffic to sessions. Besides students are busy enough as it is. Busy at school, busy at work, busy playing sports. We help relieve student stress.

Get tutoring at the comfort of your home. Via our Prepped Online process, we provide students anywhere in the World with the customized learning experience you need to achieve success.

5 Features and 5 Benefits of Prepped Online Tutoring and Test Preparation:

Five Features:
1. Perfect audio with crisp, clear video chat
2. Work on problems together on our private online whiteboard
3. Sessions and materials are prepared and uploaded before session begins so sessions begin promptly and no time is wasted
4. Desktop Screen and Document sharing
5. Gain access to our online learning resources and vocabulary program

Five Benefits:
1. Sessions are conducted by our highly trained and experienced Prepped & Polished tutors. Online students gain access to the same popular, high-quality instructors who work in-home and in-office with our Boston-area students.
2. No traveling required-location no longer plays a role.
3. No need to have a tutor come to the home-stay in your pajamas and meet the tutor online!
4. Online tutoring is an exciting way to engage today’s technologically-savvy student-our multifaceted learning platform fits with any student’s learning style.
5. Accountability: Tutor reports are sent out at the end of each session so parents and students can keep track of homework assignments and overall progress.


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