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ACT Essay Writing Class VIP

Essay VIP Access includes

1. Full Version of the Enhanced ACT Writing Test Video + Accompanying PDF Slides

2. Scoring and Evaluation of your ACT Essay

3. Combo of 1 and 2

Mindset Ace 

Mindset Ace helps students develop actionable strategies to manage test anxiety, maintain focus, and accept emotions as they come without overreacting.

Prepped & TrainedSM

Our tutor and customer service training program which renders amazingly effective tutors.

Prepped OnlineSM

Our online, face-to-face, tutoring platform system provides you with a customized learning experience you need to achieve success.

SAT Strategy Secrets Courses

Our online SAT course taught by founder Alexis Avila. Learn fundamental strategies for all components of the SAT and tips for more effective study.

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Team PreppedSM

Our communication system which ensures that students are kept on track and parents kept in the loop.

Test Prep SelectorSM

Our thorough examination and diagnostic evaluation created to predict whether your child would be more successful taking the ACT or the SAT.

13 SAT Tips You Can NOT Live Without

Our SAT E-Book teaches you proven SAT tips such as how to budget your time study time wisely and how to maximize your scoring potential.