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Message from the Founder, Alexis Avila

headshot for webinarGreetings Parents, Professionals, and Students, and welcome to Prepped & Polished! I’m a licensed guidance counselor Pre K-12 and professional tutor, and over the last 12 years my team of tutors and I have worked full-time helping hundreds of students achieve better grades, test scores, and self-confidence in and outside of school!…Read more

“Alexis and his tutors reflect the highest level of organization, dedication, and excellence.” - Cameron Naimi, BA Harvard (Former P&P Tutor, Boston Private School Math Teacher)

Prepped & Polished is an educational services company proven to enhance your chances of getting into top-tier private schools, colleges, and graduate programs. Founded by educators in 1999, our mission is to provide the highest quality customized in person or online learning experience available anywhere. Our caring, dynamic educators graduated from some of the most elite schools in the nation, including Harvard, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Vassar, Duke, University of Michigan, and MIT. We will help you achieve top grades and test scores, and provide the strategies, tools, and guidance necessary to ensure your academic and professional success.



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